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*Please NOTE: Jackpot Party Casino is still in Beta. There are many features that will not be discussed in this blog until they go live to all of the players.

How do I collect my Coins when my 4 hours have passed?

Every 4 hours you are eligible to claim your Coins. Visit the Home Lobby and click the “Collect Bonus” button and you’ll receive your Bonus Coins!.

How do I get more Coins?

There are many ways to rack up those precious coins in Jackpot Party Casino:

  • Winning is the fastest and easiest way to gain coins
  • Receiving gifts from friends
  • 4 hour Coin Bonus + Mega Bonus
  • Buying coins for various amounts located in the Store

How do I collect my Mega Bonus?

Every 4 hours you are eligible to claim your Bonus Coins. Every time you collect your Bonus Coins a loading bar fills up. On the 6th time you collect your bonus you will get a chance to multiply your bonus! When the Mega Bonus pops up you will get to choose between 3 presents containing the multipliers 3x, 6x and 10x. Once you choose and click on a present the multiplier will be revealed and added to your bonus coins! Additions to the Mega Bonus Include:

  • Regular Bonus
  • Multiplier
  • Friend Bonus
  • Bonus for “Liking” the Facebook page

How do I buy coins?

You can buy coins directly from the game. In order to buy coins you have to have Facebook credits. Buy coins by following the directions given after clicking on the Store Tab from the Home Lobby in game. If you have any further questions see our blog entry about Buying Coins..

What are Win Lines?

Win Lines are lines that travel through each of the reels.  Matching symbols along the win line will result in a win. Each machine has a differing number of win lines. Playing more win lines at a time will give you winning spins more often!.

What are Line Pays?

Line Pays are screens that show you how much each symbol will pay out if it lands in a winning combination along a line pay. To view the Line Pay Table: While playing your favorite slot just click on the “Menu/ Help” button found on the left side of the buttons along the bottom of the machine. Follow the on screen prompts to find all the ins-and-outs of the machine including line pay breakdowns, symbol values and bonus round information!

How do I make a bet?

Making a bet is as easy as selecting what lines you want to play on and then placing the total amount of credits you want to put on those lines and hitting spin. The game takes care of the rest and all you have to do is look for a win!

What are the bonus rounds?

Bonus Rounds are exciting ways to multiply your winnings! Each slot comes with their own unique bonus rounds that involve free spins, you pick’ems, and interactive mini games!

I’m done playing a slot how do I play a different one?

When you’re done playing a slot just hit the “Cash Out” button located at the bottom right of the slot machine! This will take you out of the slot machine and back to the Jackpot Party Casino Lobby!

Alternatively you can click  “Home Lobby” button in the top left menu to return to the lobby!

How do I unlock more slots?

Unlock new slot machines in Jackpot Party Casino by gaining experience and leveling up! As you level up you will be notified while playing that you have unlocked a new slot. Unlocking new slots every 5 levels in every 3 slot set will give you a brand new machine to play and win on!

How do I level-up?

Leveling up is the process of gaining experience that will allow you to unlock new slots. Here at Jackpot Party Casino experience, or XP, is awarded after every spin based on how much you bet so the bigger you bet the more experience you’ll receive!  .

How do I invite friends to play Jackpot Party Casino?

In order to invite friends click on the “Invite Friends” button found along the top of the game lobby then follow the onscreen prompts to select which friends you wish to invite.

You may also click on your friend’s picture located along the bottom of the leaderboard to quickly invite that friend! If you have any more questions bout Inviting Friends see our blog entry Inviting Friends.

How do I gift coins to my friends who are already playing?

Giving gifts is a great way to give your friends plenty of those precious coins. Clicking on the “Send Gifts” button located in the bottom right of the lobby (the green button next to the present box!) will open up a Facebook menu where you’ll be able to select the friends that you want to send coins to!

If you have any more questions regarding Gifting please see our Blog Entry or our Facebook Note for more details.

My friend said they sent me a Gift. How do I open it?

Trading gifts between friends is the easiest way to gain free coins! When you have gifts pending you’ll see that your collect gifts button on the bottom right on the lobby will have a number indicating the total number of gifts you have available to claim.

Clicking on the “Collect Gifts” button will take you to a list of all the gifts you have to collect. If you have gifts remaining to give for the day you will be able to gift back from this menu too! It is an easy way to keep the spins coming for you and your friends!

 If you have any more questions regarding Gifting please see our Blog Entry or our Facebook Note for more details.

How do I take a screenshot?

Try hitting the Prnt Scrn button in the top right of your keyboard. After you have hit that be sure to open Paint from your computers Accessories. Once Paint is open you can Paste the screenshot into the file and save..

I’m have a screenshot of a Big Win I would like to share, how do I do so?

Please post all screenshots to our Jackpot Party Casino Community Page on Facebook. There they will wait for approval and hopefully be shared to the entire Community!